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The Most Precious of Possessions


Exam work in Novia University of Applied Sciences, Pietarsaari, Spring 2023.


In this project, I set out to explore things that shape an individual and make us who we are through personal introspection. I have worked based on the idea that it is not our achievements and results in themselves that we value, but rather all the experience and the lessons that have given us the conditions to perform. 

The work consists of a series of ink and crayon paintings in black and white. The images of busts with different necklaces were created with AI image generators and is made up of intricate patterns reminiscent of linked brain cells or an artificial neural network. The backgrounds are covered with thousands of characters written in a stylized version of the Wingdings font. Together, these make up bizarre stories, poems, truisms, riddles and rebuses, all somehow connected to myself and my experiences.

Red Hand Left_edited.png
Red Hand Right_edited.png
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