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About me

Born on the Åland Islands in 1998, I'm a Finnish artist with a BA-degree in Fine Art. What got me into art was the joy of working practically with different materials, finding new entrancing work methods and realizing that I could basically bring whatever idea I had into reality. If I wanted something, I'd just make it.

With a background in crafts, the material is important to me. Wood carving has become one of the creative processes that most easily puts me in a state of flow. Other than that, in the past I have enjoyed experimenting with different digital tools, working based on pixels, combining image and text and using dots or lines to create the illusion of mass. I have also tried my hands at writing short storys or poems and creating encrypted messages and rebuses. 

As a meticulous, methodical person, I usually have a set plan and then follow that as closely as possible. When drawing or painting, I tend to work based on reference images, and I have worked a lot in black and white since I prefer focusing on shapes rather than hues. Every now and then I have to actively suppress the urge to control every part a process, otherwise the works become more and more stale over time, not to mention they take ages to finish. A big challenge has been trying to move away from this and be more free and spontaneous when making things.

When I started making art more seriously, I drew or painted whatever inspired me at the time, which usually was imagery from childhood video games or characters from more modern games. Since then I have mostly moved away from the characters and such, but in recent years instead gained an increased interest in mysteries and enigmas, the uncanny and the hidden. And swords. I love swords. 

What makes life precious is its finiteness. This realization is the source of all human creativity.

Portrait 4x5 2000x2400.jpg
Red Hand Left_edited.png
Red Hand Right_edited.png
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